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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the app without a membership?

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Yes, we offer free trials of every membership tier. For swimmers, we offer a 14-day trial of the entire experience – and then provide a feature-limited version. (To see data in the platform, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid ‘Pro’ account.)

For coaches, those accounts are free.

Can I wear the Polar Verity Sense in the ocean?

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Yes, the Polar Verity Sense is safe to wear in nearly all water environments.

Does Phlex connect with Strava?

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Yes, you can connect the Phlex Swim app with your Strava account.

How do I record a workout with the Polar Verity Sense?

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Simply turn on the Verity Sense and start the workout by pressing and holding the button on top. 

Enjoy your swim…

And finally, press and hold the button again, to end the workout and turn it off. It couldn’t be simpler!

How should I store the Polar Verity Sense when not in use?

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We recommend using the included mesh storage bag to keep your Verity Sense and Goggle Clip together.

Is Phlex only for professional swimmers?

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Absolutely not! Whether you swim for fitness, the thrill of competition or love of gliding through the water, ask yourself these questions: Are you an ambitious swimmer? Do you want to get the most out of each and every swim? And would you like to become faster, more agile, more intelligent with every stroke? 

If your answer’s ‘yes’ then phlex is for you!

Is my watch compatible?

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You can check the most up-to-date list of compatible devices here.

My watch already tracks swimming. Why should I use Phlex?

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Good question! Truth is, the watch market has become saturated with high-quality hardware from a wide range of manufacturers – but the swimming experience with these devices is severely lacking…

First, they lack accuracy in tracking the foundational parts of a swimming routine, such as workout times, distance, or workout breakdown. (And chances are, they will completely ignore core stroke metrics such as rate, distance per stroke, and stroke efficiency).

Secondly, most apps track general metrics – they do not go into the multi-layered nature of swimming (and nor are they designed by people who love the sport as much as we do!) 

Most importantly, they do little to provide you, the swimmer or coach, with any kind of actionable insight to build and improve upon.

Tell me more about the Phlex Membership…

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We have 3 levels of membership. The first, ‘Phlex Membership’ offers full access to the Phlex Swim mobile app. Billed monthly, you bring your own tracking device. 

The second, ‘Phlex Pro’ is an annual premium subscription that includes a Polar Verity Sense (our recommended device for the most accurate and detailed experience). This membership also enables you to connect with a ‘Coach Account.’

The third, ‘Phlex Coach’ is a fully personalized experience for every swim coach. Read more about that here

What is the difference between an annual ‘Phlex Pro’ membership and a monthly ‘Phlex’ membership?

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The ‘Pro’ tier is an annual-only membership that includes the Polar Verity Sense free of charge when you sign-up. A ‘Phlex Pro’ membership is also required to send data to Coach Accounts. The ‘Phlex’ membership is a monthly subscription that gives full access to the mobile app and is compatible with all the devices found here.

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