Phlex Officially Approved for Competition Use by World Aquatics

Phlex Officially Approved for Competition Use by World Aquatics

In the dynamic world of aquatics, the relentless pursuit of peak performance has just been elevated to new heights! Athletes and coaches alike are buzzing with excitement as they now have access to invaluable, cutting-edge data that can transform both training regimes and racing strategies. With the news from World Aquatics (formerly FINA), the Polar Verity Sense, when paired with the powerful Phlex algorithm, is now an approved sensor to utilize while at competition. You can purchase this tracker and Phlex combo TODAY by clicking this link here.

Official World Aquatics Approval

In a landmark decision that recognizes the growing role of technology in sports, World Aquatics has clarified its stance on the use of devices in competitions. This ruling paves the way for innovations like Phlex Swim's technology, permitting their use to collect invaluable data without affecting the competition's integrity:

"The use of technology and automated data collection devices is permissible for the sole purpose of collecting data. Automated devices shall not be utilized to transmit data, sounds, or signals to the swimmer and may not be used to aid their speed."

By aligning with these regulations, Phlex continues to revolutionize the world of competitive swimming, combining innovation with adherence to the highest standards of sportsmanship.

The Polar Verity Sense is the future proof wearable device that Phlex has designed to monitor a swimmer's vitals and performance metrics during your swim activities. Its sleek design and user-friendly interface make it a standout in the world of swimming technology.

But the real game-changer? Pairing it with the mighty Phlex algorithm, this combination becomes the most accurate swimming performance tracker available to the swimming community. Since the groundbreaking announcement from World Aquatics at the 2023 World Championships in Fukuoka, swimmers worldwide have leaped to take advantage of this exciting new rule change.

Key Features and Benefits

World Aquatics' approval of Phlex is more than a stamp; it's a gateway to unlocking new potentials in competitive swimming. With sports science at its core, Phlex offers groundbreaking insights:

1. Heart Rate Data: Monitoring for Perfection

  • Training Optimization: Leverage real-time heart rate data to craft a winning strategy. Tailor workouts to each swimmer's unique physiology, ensuring peak performance when it counts.
  • Performance Analysis: Dive into recovery rates and pinpoint peak performance periods. Strategize using metrics that were once the domain of elite sports labs, now at your fingertips.
Overview of a 1500 meter swimmer in-competition performance

2. Advanced Technique Metrics: The Path to A Perfect Stroke

  • Stroke Insight: With Phlex's embedded motion sensors, every stroke is a lesson in mastery. Evaluate metrics like stroke count, stroke rate, DPS (Distance Per Stroke), and Stroke Index for a scientific approach to winning.
  • Coach's Toolbox: Imagine having a personal sports scientist by your side. Phlex turns that dream into reality, offering coaches an arsenal of data. Enhance stroke mechanics and adapt training like never before.
100 Butterfly In-Competition with reference to stroke count, timing accuracy, and heart rate

3. Post-Performance Analysis: The Future of Competition

  • Digital Racing Logbook: Record your legacy. Store performance data for insightful long-term analysis, a treasure trove for tracking progression throughout careers.
  • Trend Identification: Recognize subtle trends in heart rate responses, compare lap times, and unveil continuous improvements. Phlex makes the invisible visible.
  • Personalized Training: Every swimmer is unique. Equip coaches with the power to create highly customized training plans, focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses, transforming potential into podium finishes.

A Closer Look at Phlex Accuracy

In swimming, every detail matters. As athletes and coaches invest in technology to optimize training and performance, confidence in accuracy becomes paramount. Phlex understands this need and has rigorously tested its system to ensure precision that can stand up to the most trusted timing systems in the world. We will dive deeper into this in the future.

Precision That Stands the Test

During intensive accuracy tests, two swimmers wore a Polar Verity Sense sensor equipped with Phlex software. They participated in both the 200 free and the 200 IM, with the results affirming Phlex's position as one of the most accurate sensors on the market. The splits recorded by Phlex were remarkably close, within a few tenths of a second, to those of the Omega timing system.

Details of the Test
  • 200 Freestyle by Adam Dubiel, a Polish Masters Record Holder
  • Omega Timing System: 27.55, 29.94, 30.28, 28.51
  • Phlex Algorithm: 26.82, 29.86, 30.18, 28.74 (Note: The first 50's difference is due to reaction time)
  • 200 Individual Medley by Pawel Korzeniowski, also a Polish Masters Record Holder
  • Omega Timing System: 26.13, 34.35, 38.98, 29.84
  • Phlex Algorithm: 25.62, 33.90, 39.13, 30.66 (Note: The first 50's difference is due to reaction time)

These tests, along with other practices and suit swims, have played a vital role in ensuring the reliability of Phlex's measurements. Such commitment to accuracy and transparency gives athletes and coaches faith in the data they rely on for making informed decisions.

You can view the data results here.

An Essential Game-Changer for Swimmers

Whether fine-tuning technique, planning personalized workouts, or evaluating post-race metrics, Phlex provides a level of accuracy that instills confidence. With World Aquatics' approval, Phlex opens a new chapter in swimming technology, elevating the way athletes and coaches pursue excellence in the pool.

This latest approval from World Aquatics to utilize Phlex in competition is more than just a nod to a new piece of technology. It's an endorsement of a system that has been meticulously crafted and tested for accuracy, offering a critical advantage in a sport where every fraction of a second counts.

Take a closer look at the data and swims that showcase Phlex's remarkable accuracy here.

The collaboration between the Polar Verity Sense and Phlex is more than a technological advancement; it's a revolutionary leap in the way swimmers train, compete, and excel. This approval by World Aquatics heralds a new era in competitive swimming, filled with limitless possibilities. Get ready to take the plunge and redefine your swimming journey. The future is here, and it's breathtaking!

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The Phlex Team
November 21, 2023

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