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Sports Science Made Easy And Accessible

Personalize With Confidence

Personalized energy zones built around each athlete’s unique physiology make it simple to individualize your training, give personalized feedback, and build a comprehensive confident picture of each athlete.

Highest Heart Rate Accuracy

Optimize Athlete Performance with Heart Rate Monitoring. Heart rate is a valuable tool for gaining insight into an athlete's physiology. By monitoring heart rate, you can track intensity levels and make informed training decisions.

Maximize Meet Performance

Maximizing every athlete’s performance leading up to a swim meet requires the appropriate training plan – and rest. Phlex takes out any guesswork, so you’re confident your athlete will perform at their pinnacle.

Identify Overtraining

Monitor your athletes when scaling the training load. Our scientifically-backed models for training load management give you an insight into how each athlete responds to training. With this advantage, you’ll spot changes in performance without hesitation – and stop overtraining in its tracks.

Phlex and Polar Partnership

Pushing the Limits of Swimming Technology

Phlex and Polar have partnered to deliver the gold standard of swimming technology. Phlex offers advanced AI algorithms for tracking swimming performance, while Polar provides the reliability of sensors and exceptional real-time heart rate monitoring. Together, they are creating a unique and comprehensive solution for swimmers of all levels. Get ready to take your performance to the next level.

With our partnership with Polar, we offer real-time heart rate monitoring through the Polar Flow App so you can also stay on top of your athletes' heart rates during workouts.

Ron Aitken

Using Phlex Technology leading up to the
Tokyo Olympics

'I’ve been using Phlex technology every day for over 2 years. What we love about it is the ability to personalize the training for each athlete and see how they are progressing throughout the week. It also gives me the right data to monitor if I’m not overtraining my swimmers and when to give them opportunities to recover.'

Become our next success story

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Cody Miller - Olympic Medalist, Swimming Vlogger

I use Phlex to monitor my taper because it tracks everything I’m doing leading up to a meet. I look at my stroke trends and heart rate on all pace sets.

Cody Miller - Olympic Medalist, Swimming Vlogger
Darra Torres - 5-time Olympian and Bestselling Author

Swimming has always been a love for me. I think it’s even more so now because I don’t have to keep track of what I’m doing. Phlex does the work for me, making swimming much more fun.

Darra Torres - 5-time Olympian and Bestselling Author
Jason Lezak - Olympic Gold Medalist

Phlex is the perfect tool for educating yourself about your body. Once I gained a better understanding of myself, my training approach changed. When I was a kid, there wasn’t much thought put into what we did in practice. We focused on repetitions instead of the details that would really make us faster in competition. Later in my career, I started to pay more attention to stroke data, physiology, and recovery. It became less about just doing and more about improving my race weaknesses.

Jason Lezak - Olympic Gold Medalist
Vincent Lam - Age Group Swimmer’s Parent

The precision of Phlex enabled us to train our son under the USRPT program for the past few years. The cloud service enabled us to monitor our son's progress, whether he trained with his school swim team or us. The heart rate monitor allowed us to modify the training program in real-time if needed, a valuable tool for any swimmers.

Vincent Lam - Age Group Swimmer’s Parent
Alia Atkinson - World Champion

Phlex helps me push. I get feedback that shows me what to work on next.

Alia Atkinson - World Champion
Jazz Carlin - Olympic Medalist

Distance swimming has always been a huge part of my life. What I love most about Phlex is that you always get insightful feedback. Reading through pace charts and seeing my overall improvement so clearly has really changed my relationship with training.

Jazz Carlin - Olympic Medalist
Abbas Karimi - Paralympian, World Championships Medalist

Before Phlex, there was never an option that provided me the ability to track my training with so much detail. I find myself checking my scores every day after training. Seeing my improvement so simply defined has been a physical and mental relief.

Abbas Karimi - Paralympian, World Championships Medalist
Calvin Justus - Swimming Influencer

Phlex accurately tells me what my heart rate was throughout my session. It breaks down the sets and gives me times for each part of the workout.

Calvin Justus - Swimming Influencer
Dan Wallace - Olympic Medalist

Phlex allows me to do things I haven’t done before. It brings joy.

Dan Wallace - Olympic Medalist

Get Back To What You Do Best


Here at Phlex, we know being a coach means way more than just creating training programs. You inspire, and build deep relationships based on trust, respect and understanding. Our platform saves you the time and energy to do exactly that.


Phlex is your all-in-one Assistant Coach and Sports Scientist. All data syncs with an athlete’s phone and appears processed in the team platform. Gain meaningful insights into your athletes at weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals, all in one place. 


Working with teams of up to 50 swimmers, it can be impossible to gather enough reliable data to give personalized feedback. Now, with access to accurate, individual, and automated data you can personalize your vision – and get the most out of each swimmer.

Track + Analyze – On Deck or Remote

As a coach, you’ll know the difficulty of juggling multiple athletes—without enough resources.

Your dashboard unlocks a world of support usually only open to well-funded national teams. Say ‘hello’ to your new personal sports scientist.

Empowering Coaches On All Levels

The Phlex Swim Team platform form is a versatile toolbox, adaptable to each individual coach's unique needs and goals


  • Calories
  • Max Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Lap Time
  • Time
  • Splits


  • Readiness Score
  • Training Zones
  • Fitness Tests
  • Technique Progress
  • Stroke Efficiency
  • Training effect


  • Stroke Recognition
  • Distance Per Stroke
  • Stroke Rate
  • Stroke Index
  • Kick Recognition


  • Set Recognition
  • Set Specific Heart Rate
  • Set Breakdown
  • Drill Detection
  • Interval Detection

Personalize with Phlex

FACT: Two athletes competing in the same event can have drastically different physiologies. That's why it is important to understand each athlete individually in order to maximize their full potential.

Phlex AI-powered analysis measures crucial training benchmarks for each athlete on a personal basis making it easy to personalize training, assign athletes into groups, understand the impact of altitude training, or learn what works best for each athlete leading up to competition.

Athlete Perspective

Get your athletes on board with your vision. Personalized feedback and individualized training make athletes more engaged in everyday training. The enhanced communication brings the team closer together.

Power Up Your Team

Includes a device

Team Membership

$90/year per swimmer
+ Polar Verity Sense sensor for $69

  • Polar Verity Sense sensor
  • Annual Phlex Swim App access for athletes
  • Phlex PRO Web App access for your coach
  • Customer Support



Polar Devices



Simple and Intuitive


Your athletes use a Phlex device powered by Polar to track their swims.


Data from each swimmer synchronizes effortlessly with your coach app – giving easy access to meaningful information about your athletes.


No more guesswork. The highest accuracy data helps you decide what works best for each swimmer.

World Changing Partnerships

A pillar of the olympic movement, FINA controls development of aquatic events across the world.

Our partnership brings the very latest science-backed technology to the global swimming community. It ensures athletes and coaches have the optimum tools and knowledge to perform at their best.

Measure Every Stroke 

  • Phlex Team Platform is compatible with the head-worn Polar Verity Sense sensor.
  • Polar is the gold standard of sensors. Clipped onto your goggle strap, the lightweight sensor holds constant contact with skin above the spine, producing exceptional, accurate data.
  • High-quality data delivered by Polar enables in-depth analysis performed by Phlex algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my team is already using Polar Verity Sense devices?

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If your team is already using Polar Verity Sense devices, you can still join our platform with a software-only plan. Just make sure that your Polar devices are running the latest firmware (v.2.1.0) so that you can enjoy the full functionality of our product. Updating your device firmware is a breeze with the Polar Flow App.

Is there a discount for team/bulk orders?

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We are able to offer our customers a discounted price for their sensor as long as they enable a Phlex subscription at time of purchase. The device is at roughly a 30% discount from their retail price. This makes Phlex a great option for all teams, no matter the size.

Can I use another software at the same time as Phlex to make the most out of my sensor?

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Absolutely!  Phlex was designed to record data to your sensor and their workout gets processed during uploads after practice. This allows you to use other software simultaneously, like our partner’s Polar Team App, a great iPad application which allows you to track data for your team in real-time.  

Does Phlex offer any real-time data tracking?

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Phlex currently uses your sensor’s offline trigger, therefore it does not use any real-time connection to display data for coaches or swimmers. This will enable Phlex to be eligible for competitions (once World Aquatics approves devices) as it does not provide any feedback to swimmers while racing.

Do the swimmers have to upload their workouts or can I upload the entire team in a “bulk upload”?

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Every swimmer is in charge of their uploads. After every workout, swimmers will get prompted in their app that their device is available to sync. Swimmers can only view their individual data, they will never be able to see their teammates data in their application.

Does the data get automatically uploaded into the coaching platform?

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Yes. The data will be available to your swimmer on their individual application and it is also available in your web based Coaching Platform as soon as they process their workout.  Inviting your swimmers to view their data is simple, and you can always control your team under Athlete Management in your organization’s settings.

How many athletes can you manage on the Phlex Coaching Platform?

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The Coaching Platform gives you the capacity to track and store data for an unlimited number of swimmers. Swimmer’s have to accept your invitation as their coach to share their data with you. You can also organize your team in groups, and have the ability to sort athlete’s by different metrics.

Power Up Your Coaching with the Next Level Swim Platform, Trusted by Professionals

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