5 Essential Tips for Improving Your Freestyle Swimming Technique

5 Essential Tips for Improving Your Freestyle Swimming Technique

If you want to improve your freestyle technique and become a more efficient and effective swimmer, there are several key steps you can take. We're sharing some expert tips on how to improve your swim technique.

We covered 4 great visual examples with our good friend Abbie Fish here. You can find her fantastic coaching and technique content at Swim Like A Fish.

Here are the top five ways to improve your freestyle technique:

1. Increase your stroke rate.

One of the most important factors in freestyle technique is your stroke rate, or the number of strokes you take per minute. By increasing your stroke rate, you can swim faster and more efficiently. To do this, focus on keeping your arms moving smoothly and quickly through the water, and try to take as many strokes as possible without sacrificing technique or power.

2. Increase your stroke length.

Another important factor in freestyle technique is your stroke length, or the distance you travel with each stroke. By increasing your stroke length, you can swim longer distances with fewer strokes, which will make you a more efficient swimmer. To do this, focus on extending your arms fully and reaching as far forward as possible with each stroke.

3. Use a higher elbow catch.

The elbow catch is the part of the freestyle stroke where your hand enters the water and begins to pull you forward. By using a higher elbow catch, you can create more power and propulsion with each stroke, which will help you swim faster and more efficiently. To do this, focus on keeping your elbow high and close to your body as you enter the water, and use your upper body to drive your hand forward and create momentum.

4. Train vertical kick.

The kick is an important part of the freestyle stroke, as it helps to balance your body and provide additional propulsion. By using vertical kick in your workouts, you can swim more efficiently and conserve energy. To do this, focus on keeping your legs straight and together, and kick from your hips rather than your knees.

5. Work on kick efficiency

In addition to using a more vertical kick, you can also improve your freestyle technique by using a more efficient kick. This means kicking with a smaller, quicker motion that generates more power and speed. To do this, focus on kicking from your ankles rather than your knees, and use a quick, snapping motion to create propulsion.

By incorporating these tips into your freestyle technique, you can improve your swimming efficiency and become a better swimmer. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer, these tips will help you take your freestyle skills to the next level and make the most of your time in the water.

The Phlex Team
December 8, 2022

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