Phlex Parent Guide: The Ultimate Platform for Your Swimmer

Phlex Parent Guide: The Ultimate Platform for Your Swimmer

Championship Performances are a Team Effort, Let us be a part of yours!

We're excited to introduce Phlex, the ultimate coaching platform for swimming teams! Our platform was designed and developed in partnership with Olympic athletes, sports scientists, and the best swim coaches in the world, so you can trust that it is backed by the sports best and brightest. We are committed to helping coaches and athletes achieve championship performances through our industry leading technology.

How Phlex Works

Phlex is a comprehensive coaching platform that helps coaches save time and stay better connected with their athletes and their families. The platform automatically collects data on each swimmer, allowing coaches to easily identify individual strengths and weaknesses, spot overtraining and undertraining, and measure progress in multiple ways. This is how it works:

How Phlex Benefits Coaches and Swimmers

Phlex's science-backed technology is the most trusted in the swim community, and for good reason. Our platform allows coaches to:

  • Identify that every swimmer is unique
  • Be better prepared for meets by tracking critical long-term metrics
  • Spot and manage overtraining and undertraining
  • Measure progress in more ways than just best times
  • Establish better relationships with their swimmers

With Phlex, coaches have the tools they need to develop their athletes to their full potential.

We make sure it all counts

How Phlex Benefits Parents

As a parent, you are an important part of your swimmer's team. With Phlex, you can stay better connected with your swimmer and their coach, and have access to valuable information on your swimmer's performance and progress.

In addition to being able to view your swimmer's profile in the app, your coach can also send you detailed reports and other information to keep you informed. And with our dedicated page for blogs and articles, you can learn more about how to use the platform and how the best teams and swimmers are using Phlex to achieve their goals.

Phlex is packed with value

As a parent, you'll love the Athlete Report tool from Phlex. It's a favorite feature among our team's parents for good reason! This powerful tool allows coaches to create detailed reports for their swimmers at any point during the season, giving you valuable insights into your swimmer's progress and performance. Plus, it helps facilitate effective communication between coaches, swimmers, and parents. Don't miss out on this essential resource for maximizing your swimmer's success!

Click the image to view a sample report!

Coach Approved

As a member of a team that has chosen Phlex for its coaching platform, you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality tools and resources available. With its extensive features and technology backed by scientific research, Phlex is the ultimate choice for coaches, swimmers, and parents who are committed to achieving top-level results. Don't just take our word for it - see how Phlex is used by Team USA coach Ron Aitken and the Sandpipers of Nevada to drive success.

How to stay informed with Phlex

So much data can definitely be overwhelming.  Phlex introduces coaches, swimmers and parents to many new concepts and metrics.  Like all new things, you may feel lost at first and in need of a user guide.  Not to worry, it is our goal to share as much of our science-backed technology as possible.

For this, we have created a dedicated page for blogs that will dive deep into different parts of the platform and case studies on how the best teams and swimmers are using Phlex.  The possibilities are endless, and teams are finding new ways to use our technology every day!

The Phlex Team
June 22, 2023

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