Train Smarter, Swim Faster: Personalizing Training with Science

Discover why basic metrics are no longer enough to dominate the pool and why personalized analytics is making a splash in the world of swim science.

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Eva Patrikova

PhD in Applied Physiology, Director of Performance Science at Phlex

Eva’s background in researching how to improve swimming training, testing, and monitoring using science in a practical way gives her an edge in understanding how to prescribe individualized training.

As a former swimmer, current coach, and physiologist working with multiple swimming organizations, clubs, and teams at both elite and age-group levels, Eva deeply understands what coaches need to improve their swim team’s performance.

In this exclusive webinar, the first in our Science to Practice series, a leading researcher in physiology walks you through some of the fundamentals of sports science and how to apply them to get the best out of your swimmers.

Discover how the latest in swim physiology science helps you to profile your swimmers accurately and enables you to prescribe the ideal performance training for each athlete.

Understand how data can be used in simple yet powerful ways to understand your swimmers better and help them reach peak performance.

Dive into the World of Data-Driven Success

Energy Systems and Training Zones

Learn about energy systems, discover how different events utilize them, and review the most widely used Training Zones in swimming.

Stroke and Race Specific Training

Review what data is best for measuring technique, and understand how technical and physiological metrics work together.

Understand Your Swimmers

Understand how data can best be used to analyze your swimmers, and discover why it a critically important tool to utilize with your group.

Individualize Workout Prescription

Discover how to analyze stroke-by-stroke metrics to accurately prescribe training based on the swimmer and their events.

Sharpen Your Coaching Senses

Watch the free webinar and give your swim team the edge they deserve.

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